Hero 5 Black Complete Setup

Hero 5 Black Complete Setup

Complete onboard setup, everything you need in one delivery! At the start of your race or stage simply push the wired remote control button on the dashboard and the GoPro will turn on and start recording. Push it again and the camera will turn off! The Hero 5 records in stunning quality, and has GPS functionality so that you can track data like speed etc. This is a very big upgrade in video quality and sound from the Hero 3 and Hero 4. 

This kit turns the camera on and starts the recording from one push of the wired control button. Push the button again and the camera turns off. Perfect for handling red flag sessions/pit lane queues etc. You’re in control of the GoPro from the drivers seat!  

Video Coming Soon
GoPro adapter required to use intercom onboard a rally car which we can provide and is available in our shop. 
Bundle includes:
o   Hero 5 GoPro Camera
o   Wired on/off control
o   SD card
o   Rollcage mount

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