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"First class product, backed by first class service! Just got home from my first time using the GoPro since the feature has been added. Of course, as I always do, I forgot to press record before heading out. The difference this time was no missed footage, just press the button on the dash and we're off! Recommended to all my track day pals already."

- Matt -

"Excellent customer service, great communication. GoPro works perfect. Thank you."

- Dave -

"Amazing service, quality modification with excellent after care and support."

- Andrew -

"Great service from the lads at wired remote. All done and back within a few days! So much easier to record on trackdays now! Five star service"

- Alex -

"Fantastic service and an awesome product. Having had so many issues in the past trying to reach behind me to start the GoPro, it’s brilliant to now be able to just press a button on the dash and see by the led that it’s all recording.
Cannot recommend enough, the one accessory all racers should have."

- Steve -

"We purchased a double GoPro hero4 Rally system. We received Excellent customer service. The delivery was very quick, the system was easy to set up and simple to use. It offers brilliant picture quality and it enables us to capture 100% of our onboard footage, without worrying about recharging batteries only for them to run out mid race. I would highly recommend this product"

- Dean -

"I've been using this kit for a few years now, albeit the GoPro 3. It really is invaluable. Before, I was getting maybe 50-60% of track time on the camera, but now it's 100%! I've actually got a GoPro 7 but still prefer this setup, as it's so simple and easy. Really is a game changer and very user friendly."

- Paul -

"Had mine for a long time now, great piece of kit 👌"

- John -

"Amazing customer service, very helpful and delivery on time 👍"

- Miguel -

"I was always one of those trying to turn the camera on when sat on the grid. Not any more, touch of a button, sorted 👍"

- Tony -

"Thanks for supplying the GoPro, it was brilliant! Got all the in-car footage with great voice over 👍🏎️"

- Stephen - 

"Great camera, very clear. Bought one of these for racing footage, but wanted to try it out on the track before writing a review, I have to say I'm very happy with it, it's so easy to use, the ON-OFF switch is brilliant, it saves battery and you know exactly when it's on or off, very easy to use, no messing with pointless footage, highly recommend this package.

- Vera - 

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