The Complete Rally Setup

The Complete Rally Setup


Do you want to start capturing high quality onboard video with zero hassle? Do you want everything you need in one delivery, which is easy to install and requires no tech knowledge? You've found the right kit! This is our complete onboard rally setup, everything you need in one delivery for the ultimate onboard rally video!


At the start of your stage simply push the wired remote control button on the dashboard and the GoPro will turn on and start recording. The LED status light will illuminate confirming that the camera is on and recording. Push the wired control button again and the camera will turn off, and so will the LED!


The camera receives direct power from the car. You do not have to charge the camera, and it will not run out of battery! 


Intercom cable included to connect to your stilo/peltor/terratrip intercom. 


This setup records in up to 4K, so the footage quality is outstanding. This is an absolutely fantastic onboard setup, used by hundreds of rally drivers around the world!


Bundle includes:


Hero 4 GoPro Camera

Wired on/off control

SD card

Rollcage mount

Intercom cable for rally cars (stilo,peltor etc)

Direct power kit - forget all about batteries!

LED status light.


Video example:


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